4x Pro Tour & DH World Cup - Ft. William, Scotland

Another victory by Tomas Slavik -  Big Crash from Felix Beckeman

Tomas: „It was pretty hard weekend for me. I was racing 4X Pro Tour and DH World Cup at the same time. Really physical, but duable. In DH I have done quite big mistake at bottom of the track and it cost me at least 5-6 seconds. Unfortunately wasnt enough to get through quali. In 4X I felt great. Massive crowd, perfect track and fast riders. Amazing combination and it showed up a model event how 4X racing should be looking like. Really enjoyed it! I won every single heat until finals where I had strong first straight, was leading, then Joost Wichman pushed me a little bit and I was stucked on 2nd place. In the last turn I took a risky line overy the 12m long triple, dived into last turn and took my win back! Next week is a Worlds in Leogang and its always good to win before Worlds. At Worlds anything can happen, but I will fight for world champion jersey as much as never before...“

Felix Beckeman had a big crash in quarterfinals

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Results Ft. William:

1. Slavik (RSP/Ghost), 2. Derbier,  3. Beaumont , 4. Lacey, 5. Kistner
12. Beckeman (RSP/GHOST)