Victory by Tomas Slavik - Another Big Crash from Felix Beckeman

Four years after his victory in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Tomas Slavik again won gold.
After setting the fastest time in qualifying, he went confidently to the big final.
In the big finale, hard pressed by Mechura, he won his second World Champion Jeresy

Tomas: "Thank you all for the love and gratulations! I couldn't imagine any better birthday present then world champion title! It was a long road, but absolutely worth it! Thank you all for the support, love and trust... couldn't make this happen without you! Thanks! Gold medal and rainbow jersey is back home!"

Teammate Felix Beckeman is pursued by bad luck.
After his crash in Ft. William, he crashed again in qualifying and in 1/16 finals in Leogang . In two weeks (Val di Sole) he will defend his first victory on the 4X Pro Tour last year.

Result World Champion Ships Leogang: 

1. Slavik (RSP/Ghost), 2. Mechura (CZ),  3. Waldburger (SUI), 48. Beckeman (RSP/Ghost)