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RSP - Maintenance Kit For Cannondale Lefty Ocho Forks

  • EAN: 9120050151062
  • Brand: R.S.P
  • Availability: Available

24.95 €
including 21% VAT and exclusive shipping costs


Product information

Lefty Service Kit is the cleaning and maintenance of your Lefty Ocho suspension fork developed by r. s. p. in collaboration with Cannondale. The Service Kit consists of 50ml Lefty Clean, 10ml Lefty Ocho Lube and 10g Slick Kick.

Lefty Clean removes grease from your Lefty fork and prepares it for lubrication with fresh Lefty OCHO lube. Lefty OCHO Lube is the friction-reducing lubricant for your Lefty Hybrid suspension fork. The Lefty OCHO Service Kit brings durability and performance to your Lefty OCHO suspension fork.