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RSP - Red Oil 1L

  • EAN: 9120050150461
  • Brand: R.S.P
  • Availability: Not in stock, please contact us for more information about delivery time

40.95 €
including 21% VAT and exclusive shipping costs


Product information

Red Oil is the bestseller in cycling. Red Oil, the creeping chain oil with PTFE in dry conditions.


The unique lubricating effect of Red Oil ensures a smooth operation of the chain and the sprockets. Dirt-repellent additives keep the chain clean and running smoothly.


This is how it works: Shake your Red Oil well. Apply Red Oil directly to your r.s.p. Jacky Chain cleaned chain and derailleur. Now turn your crank 2 - 3 times and you're done!


Red Oil ensures maximum performance for your bike.