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RSP - Ultra Shock For Oil/ Damp Champ 5WT 20L

  • EAN: 9120050159419
  • Brand: R.S.P
  • Availability: Not in stock, please contact us for more information about delivery time

395.00 €
including 21% VAT and exclusive shipping costs


Product information

Damp Champ r.s.p. is a racing oil for forks (including Fox forks) that goes beyond the requirements of common suspension fluids. The unique formulation of these fluids, combined with the anti-friction characteristics of the synthetic bases, ensures smooth damping.


The different viscosities (see below) can be mixed to meet specific requirements and settings.


Thanks to the anti-foam and anti-wear additives, you will be able to use your bike easily and without hassle on all terrains. The Damp Champ offers optimal performance for your shocks.


Tip: select your appropriate Damp Champ according to the specifications of your shock manufacturer. Then change the oil in your shock system to the Damp Champ oil.