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RSP - Slick Kick 8ml

  • EAN: 9120050156067
  • Brand: R.S.P
  • Availability: Available

4.95 €
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Product information

The r.s.p. grease Slick Kick, here sold in a bag (8gr), is the reference for professionals!

It is a special lithium-free grease for suspension joints, friction rings, etc. It is perfectly formulated for the lubrication of shock absorbers and suspension forks, as well as for the sliding parts of telescopic seatposts. Slick Kick is sensitive, fast and reduces friction on the joints of suspension forks and shock absorbers to a minimum.

This grease has been developed in collaboration with the most innovative suspension brands, professional teams and tuners.

Directions for use: apply the r.s.p. Slick Kick grease generously on all moving parts, inner tubes, wiper seals, etc.