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IRC - Boken Double Cross 700X38C

  • EAN: 4571244748387
  • Brand: IRC
  • Availability: Available

54.99 €
including 21% VAT and exclusive shipping costs


Product information

IRC launched the new Boken DoubleCross at Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City 2020. The DoubleCross is a two-faced tire. It rolls fast enough to drive the front on the road sectors but has incredible traction when you need it. Since most gravel rides (and races) are a mix of multiple surfaces, we think we have created the best “core” gravel tire on the market.



As light as our Boken 700x36, but with more bite and volume. The Doublecross 700x38 is sure to be an all-around favorite for fast all-surface gravel. The center tread has been subtly tuned to eke out a little bit more speed than its 42mm brother.