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Maxalami - Maxi Repair Kit 2 Tools (FR)

  • EAN: 4260474051090
  • Brand: Maxalami
  • Availability: Available

19.95 €
including 21% VAT and exclusive shipping costs


Product information

Maxi Pack Maxalami is undoubtedly the most complete kit of the brand!

It is designed to repair a tyre without removing the inner tube.  The Maxi Pack includes a file to clean the hole and a needle carrier to prepare the repair. In this pack, we also find 5 insertion needles of 3.5 mm diameter and 10 cm long and 5 insertion needles of 1.5 mm diameter and 5 cm long.

The Maxalami Pack is your lucky charm! Your bad experiences due to a torn or flat tyre during your cycling trip are a thing of the past. The kit is very easy to carry and helps you to repair your tyre quickly. The insertion needle for tubeless tyres repairs every important hole.

Thanks to the simple and effective basic kit Maxalami you can prevent a puncture in a few seconds!