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Maxalami - Maxanossi Refill Small 5pcs

  • EAN: 4260474050048
  • Brand: Maxalami
  • Availability: Available

4.90 €
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Product information

This Maxalami Maxanossi drill bit kit includes 5 drill bits with a length of 5 cm and a diameter of 1.5mm.

Maxalami tubeless repair kits are your guardian angels! Your outings will no longer turn into a nightmare because of a torn tyre or a defective inner tube. Very easy to carry, the Maxalami repair kits will not only allow you to repair your tyre in a flash but also to save a new or good tyre. The tubeless tyre bits will repair the most important holes whether they are located on the tread or even on the sidewalls and beads.

Maxalami small drill bits offer a quick solution in case of a puncture on a tubeless tyre. It is the simple, fast and efficient solution to block a puncture!