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Maxalami - PlugN'Blow Duo Tubeless repaire tool (With CO2 connector)

  • Brand: Maxalami
  • Availability: Available

39.95 €
including 21% VAT and exclusive shipping costs


Product information

The MaXalami PlugN'Blow DUO is the compact all-purpose weapon for tubeless tire repair.

It offers tubeless repair tools in two sizes and a CO2-inflator in a high quality aluminium case.

The large insertion tool is suitable for MTB and MaXalami tubeless patches with 3.5 mm diameter.

The small insertion tool is optimized for Road or Gravel tires, as well as for smaller damages on MTB tires.

Matching MaXalami Refill Tubeless patches are available at your local dealer.

After disassembling, the middle part of the MaXalami PlugN'Blow DUO is a CO2 inflator. All MaXalami CO2 cartridges can be used with it. They are available in the sizes 16 g and 25 g.

Black anodized aluminium and high-quality tool steel make the MaXalami PlugN'Blow DUO an eye-catcher. An eye-catcher - Made in Germany