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About IRC Tire


RBCC icon           RBCC particle magnified 300X


Rice Bran Ceramic is, as its moniker suggests, derived from simple, ordinary, everyday rice. What we do to it, however is anything but. Rice bran (or the outer husk of an individual rice grain) is ground to a fine powder, mixed with a thermosetting resin, and super-heated. When cooled, the block is pulverized to create millions of porous, ball-shaped structures with semi-rigid fingers extending in all directions. These Rice Bran Ceramic "balls" are then kneaded with the rubber and molded into tires. The spikes which extend from the RBC reach out and grab the uneven road surface for increased traction while the pores will wick water from the road surface to create a larger tire-to-road contact patch.

RBCC compound provides incredible wet-weather traction.

The RBCC tread compound shows a 4 percent reduction in rolling resistance with a 7 percent boost in road grip when compared to our competitors’ tires.

The 2017 Formula Pro Tubeless Series features an all new rubber mixing technology. Based on the feedback from our professional riders, we enhanced wet grip capability, reduced rolling resistance by 10%, and improved handling through the application of our new generation RBCC material formula



If you are looking for durable tires, look no further than our X-Guard line-up. X-Guard is a double layer of 40 TPI ballistic nylon with a greater slice protection properties than kevlar. X-Guard tires have as much as 40 percent more cut resistance when compared to conventional tires.

PRS icon


IRC offers this Pinchflat Resistant System for extreme mountain bike riders. This extra defense against pinch flat troubles is achieved through the application of a rubber cushion inside the tire casing above the bead.



Inner Air Seal icon


To eliminate casing leaks and offer additional protection against air loss due to punctures, we apply a butyl coating to the inner walls of all our tubeless tires. This internal application of butyl also means you can repair a cut tire with a traditional tire patch kit.



NR TEX icon


Many riders prefer to use latex inner tubes in road racing since latex's excellent elasticity provides riders with the lightest possible riding feel. To bring this advantage to a tubeless tire, IRC has developed a new high-elasticity tire liner based on reinforced natural rubber that offers lower energy loss.

Aero + Icon    -7%


Aero+ tires have “aero” fins along the beads that create a smooth transition from rim to tire, reducing air drag. This unique feature reduces air drag by as much as 4 percent when compared to conventional tires.



MGI icon   -4%    MGI illustration


An ultra-thin and lightweight air seal layer that significantly increases the air retention level when used in combination with a sealant.



Hybrid Tread Compound Icon


The inner and outer tread blocks are designed to perform different tasks. To that end, we developed specific rubber compounds allowing these blocks to perform even better. One is a cornering-specific compound used for the outer blocks. The second is a harder compound used for the center tread. The result is a super-fast tire custom tuned for stable cornering and increased traction.



Active Compound Icon    High Grip Icon    Super-Light Compound Icon


ACC is a proprietary technology developed from years of collected ride data. The result is condition-specific tread compounds for the best performing tires.



High-Pressure Casing Icon


Our High-Pressure casing allows you to increase your tire pressure to lower rolling resistance on smooth surfaces.



all 4 ply icon


Standard tires have 2 layers of casing on the sidewalls, and 3 layers on the center tread. All 4-ply tires are constructed with a casing that has 4-layers from beast-to-bead. This gives 30% greater puncture resistance vs a standard tire.



all 3 ply icon


In order to improve puncture resistance, a 3PLY structure is adopted in which the casing is spread over the entire surface from bead to bead. Achieves high tire rigidity and improves puncture resistance due to rim striking and piercing by about 40% compared to conventional products.



non-marking icon


Our non-marking compound still has high grip and low rolling resistance, but leave less tire markings.



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Tubeless tires may be used with or without an inner tube. IRC tubeless tires have an air-tight inner-air-seal lining that functions as a built-in inner tube and they hold air without sealant. Liquid sealant is recommended, but not necessary.



tubeless ready icon


Tubeless ready tires may be used with or without an inner tube. When being mounted without an inner tube, liquid sealant must be used.



wide tread icon


Professional cyclists often race in notoriously bad conditions, putting their gear to the ultimate test. Wide tread tires were made to perform in these conditions. The tread rubber warps further around the casing for improved sidewall protection and cornering performance.