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RSP - Ultra Shock For Oil/ Damp Champ 2.5WT 20L

  • Brand: R.S.P
  • Availability: Available

358.00 €
including 21% VAT and exclusive shipping costs


Product information

Damp Champ r.s.p. is a race-engineered fork oil (including Fox forks) that goes beyond the requirements of common suspension fluids. The unique formulation of these fluids, combined with the anti-friction characteristics of the synthetic bases, ensures smooth damping.


Different viscosities (see below) can be mixed to meet specific requirements and settings.


The anti-foam and anti-wear additives make it easy and hassle-free to use your bike on any terrain. The Damp Champ offers optimal performance for your shocks.


Usage tip: select your appropriate Damp Champ according to the specifications of your shock manufacturer. Then, change the worn oil in your shock system by replacing it with Damp Champ oil.


Available in: 2.5w, 5w, 7.5w, 10w, 15w and 250ml or 1L or 20L