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Warranty claim Stan's Notubes


Currently, the waiting time for a repair/warranty is:


5 days


(updated on 14-03-2022)


The NoTubes technical service takes care of the repair and/or warranty of wheels, hubs and small original equipment components.


Send your complete wheel to our address with your complete contact details and slip the mandatory form into the package with the purchase invoice for the wheel


If your product is under warranty (less than 2 years old), please attach a copy of the purchase invoice. As a reminder, the warranty only applies to product manufacturing problems. With regard to warranty cases, only SABMA is in a position to judge whether or not your product can be subwarranted.


** Products purchased on Ebay, Amazon or any other similar sales site are not supported by the warranty **


Not covered by the warranty:

  • Damage sustained during transport.
  • Products on which stickers, serial numbers, production batch codes or other identification marks have been removed.
  • Normal wear and tear, improper use, improper installation or maintenance, use of incompatible parts or components, accident or damage due to accident, negligence, modifications not recommended or approved by Stan's NoTubes.
  • Products without a valid invoice or receipt containing the authorized retailer's identification details.
  • Shipping costs to Sabma.
  • Labour costs associated with dismantling the wheels and all associated components, including, but not limited to, rotors, tires, cassettes, computer magnets, etc. from the bicycle or wheel.
  • Any express or implied representation or warranty by the authorized dealer that goes beyond the provisions of this policy.



Before sending your package, please check that your wheels are clean (no mud) out of respect for our mechanics. If they are dirty, SABMA reserves the right to charge an additional €10 for cleaning.


Please send us only the wheel (without tire, cassette,...) otherwise disassembly / assembly costs may be charged.


In the case of a quote, if your repair is not done for any reason, the quote rate + return shipping costs will cost you 25€.



A technical question to ask? Please send an email to: order@sabma.com


* Except Crest/Arch MK3 29" 28 holes. Waiting time is estimated at 2 months.